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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This LITTLE PIGGY went to the...

We had a lot of little piggies visit this summer.

Here's Levi

All the cousins.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goin' on a FROG HUNT!

One of Caden's favorite summer things is frog hunts. But you have to wait until dark so you can use a flashlight. This particular summer evening in August was very rewarding. Look at that smile of satisfaction! Boys will be BOYS!

Our budding Artist!

Everynow and then we find picture like these on our camera. I am so thankful for digital technology so all of our pictures aren't this way. But I do appreciate the smile Caden puts on my face when I discover some of his art work!

Funtrackers, Ruidoso New Mexico

In August we took a good portion of Sariah's side of the family and headed to Ruidoso, New Mexico for some fun. The kids had a blast! Caden and Levi didn't enjoy the wetness of the bumper boats, good thing I had a change of clothes in the car for them!

Caden was old enough to drive himself on the turtle tracks! He was so proud of himself.

Mini Soccer Star

Levi didn't want to be left out of the action. He got on the field every chance he could, invited or not!


Caden played soccer this summer. He enjoyed the first game and after that just wanted to roll in the grass and play by himself. Not ready for team sports just yet. Good thing we took our camera to the first game and got some action shots!

4th of July

We knew the boys would be too tired by the time night came so we did some sparklers early in the evening. We then headed down to the church were they do an ice cream social every year and watch the city show on the lawn. Both boys were out before we got home!
ps...little side note, the summer buzz cut's came after Levi found mommies clipper's and decided to cut his own hair. Then Caden wanted a cut like brothers! So we had bald boys for the summer!

Elder Dallin J. Green

The CALL came and my brother Dallin
wanted everyone to meet at Chili's
those out of town were on the phones!

Uruguay, Monteviedo West! What?
Spanish speaking! Whoo!
He was convinced he was staying in the USA!

The Albuquerque Temple

Roswell International Airport-IT'S HUGE! HA

Saying Bye to Parker and Caden

Going through security.

The proud Mamma and Papa!

The last we'll see until two years! So PROUD of him!

The neice's and nephew's watching the plane take-off!