'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cast Day...

6 days after the BIG fall the swelling had finally gone down enough for a cast to be put on Caden's arm. I asked him to smile and this is what I got.

Then I told him to show me his "Get a happy meal after the cast is on" Smile
a much better smile, don't you think???

The color of the day was..."HURT YOUR EYES" orange!

Mommy was the first to sign since I had to sit through 2 hours in the Dr. office waiting!

With any luck the cast will be off before Halloween and the bone healed completely.

What are BROTHERS for???

The other day I was making dinner, which just so happens to be Benson's fussy time, when all of a sudden I heard Caden's sweet voice telling a story that we had read earlier in the day. I walked around the corner to find this...

...Benson was listening intently...
and watching Caden turn pages...
what a sweet moment!~

Then Benson heard mommy's voice and started all over again!
What GREAT BROTHERS Benson has been blessed with though...
~I love my boys~

A rather blustery day...

So here in the good ol Land of Enchantment a blustery day entails sunshine and LOTS of WIND. So we decided to take advantage and fly some kites.
Levi was afraid to let the string get any longer in fear of losing his kite to the wind!

Caden scored this SWEET Kite at a yard sale this summer

$2.00= hours of fun (when the wind is strong enough)

It took about twenty minutes to get this bad boy to fly

Can you see Caden???
He kind of blends in with the swing set
We had fun and can't wait for the next windy day...

Bumps,Bruises, and BREAK!!!

So Caden decided to CLIMB HIGHER than ever before. As a result we got to take a fun trip to the E.R.! A buckle fracture to the Left Radius near the wrist!
Daddy was a little worried! See the forced smile!

In pain and not too happy...

after 4 hours...

all splinted up for the next week!
Mamma called the DR. and the DR. said no more monkeys climbing in the tree!