'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy Month


This is what Ryan and the boys did the day after Memorial Day.

Caden thought it was AWESOME digging with dad.

This is why they dug...

...a gas leak! We are very lucky that nothing serious happened to us since we used our
bar-b-que the evening before the gas company came out to and found it.

The boys helping daddy cover up the new line!

WHAT A HEADACHE! Can't wait to see the plumbers bill...


Caden lost his first tooth this month

Two days later had his first cavity filled...

Six days later he lost his second tooth...He's keeping the tooth fairy booked!
Memorial Day

The nice thing about working for family is anytime the bank closes so do we. We spent the day at Bottomless Lakes. The boys enjoyed building or rather demolishing the sand castles Ryan was building.

Caden's trusty Tonka Truck came along with us...it was very useful bringing water to the trenches.

Levi at work...

A very pregnant mommy teaching Caden to be patient while trying to catch fish in the nets!


This is what Levi did the whole two hours it rained...

and this is what Caden did!


32 weeks and counting...outgrowing some maternity clothes!


Getting ready to sing at Preschool Graduation, Caden looks so THRILLED!

What Levi did through the whole thing...

Caden's butterfly

The Proud Graduate!


After a week of rehearsal and whinny 5 year olds the show went on smoothly. Caden got to be a frog in this years production for Fusion Pointe Dance Studio here in Roswell. He took tap/ballet all year and seemed to enjoy it. He asked to keep going through the summer but Ryan and I have decided with the baby coming and swim season upon us...swim lessons are what the boys will be doing this summer. Caden is the middle frog in all these pictures and when we get the video downloaded we will post his routine.

Showing some muscle

Trying to pump up the crowd.

That's A Lot of HOT AIR

We went on a Hot Air-Balloon Chase the first of May...and went out for doughnuts afterward. The boys enjoyed watching the balloon fill up and take off. Caden, MR. ADVENTURE, kept asking if he could go up in one.

Kobaly Wedding

My little sister, Leah, was re-married in April to an AWESOME guy we call, Eric! He has two of the sweetest girls Courtney (8) and Lindsey (6) and Leah has her son James (6). It was a windy day but luckily the reception was inside. I felt exhausted putting extensions in the Bride's hair and hair and makeup for almost All the other girls...I was literally doing my hair minutes before the ceremony. But everything went smoothly and we couldn't be happier for the Kobaly Family...Congratulations!

The whole gang

The Girlies (and baby boy bair #3)

The sibs Pat, Leah, Tiff and yours truly plus one!

My Dad and Sister

Singing Boys

I grew up watching tons of musicals and because of that our boys now watch them too. Caden and Levi are quiet the singers and dance when the movies are playing, however when the camera is on they become a little shy. Here is what I've attempted to get. Enjoy!