'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye #26...

In a few hours I will bid farewell to my 26th year of life on this earth and venture into #27. I can say that I have never done anything I regret, ashamed of YES, but not regret. Here is why...I wouldn't be where I am today! Everything I've ever done in life whether good or bad, happy or sad has led me to being a wife to RYAN...and what a hottie...and a mommy to my 3 musketeers: Caden (Turkey), Levi (Pie-Pie) and Benson( Bug). I have my days of insanity and heart ache but at the end of it all I have MY ETERNAL FAMILY...here are a few picture of the past eight weeks as we once again welcome a little love from above, Mr. Benson!

I just had to post this picture. This is Levi's "CLASSIC" look he gives anytime you ask him to do something. I asked him to smile or make a silly face and this is what I got...but you have to love those brown eyes.

Kinda blurry, but I love,love,love his little bobble head.

Thrush baby...we will conquer. THANKS Shillawna for calling you mom and helping us out.

Caden being a ham and teaching Benson as older brothers do...

So grown up for 4 weeks old...sweet bug!

This is one of my favorites only 17 days old and so precious...

We love John Deere! Thanks "EM" for the cute outfit~

Binky man, I am constantly telling Ry that it's not his...Benson's first fireworks he was so thrilled! Slept through the whole thing!

This is the proudest big brother ever. Even though Benson is clearly unhappy in this picture Levi is overjoyed to be holding him. Sweet brother!

Our first day home with all the boys and this was the ONLY picture with them looking our way and even then Levi can't keep his eyes off Benson. They were so excited, I was overwhelmed and wanted to head back to the hospital for some more quiet time...this is how life will be now with 3 boys. What did I expect?
Eight weeks later I am adjusting well. I am very blessed! I am very humbled to have been entrusted with these sweet, STRONG-WILLED boys. I better head to bed before Benson wakes up. Maybe I will get more blogging done before the next month flies bye...but don't count on it...I am older and trying to keep up with these active boys.