'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dance Mania

Caden has been in a Tap/Ballet combo class since last August. He's been doing really well and he is now getting ready for the big show in May. Him and 3 other boys will be doing a dance routine to the Crazy Frog song. I can't wait to see them in their costumes up on stage.

Showing off for the Ladies!

When he wants too he does a great job with all the exercises

You can click on this link to hear the song he'll be dancing too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkHm8uUuT0o

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's February, NOT JUNE!

It is 83 degrees out right now and Levi can't wait for Caden to get off the bus in a few minutes. He's all set to run through the sprinkler. If this is the weather in February what is it going to be like at the end of June when I am huge and ready to deliver???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buzz FLEW in my EYE!

So the boys are sharing a room and sometimes instead of sleeping they play a little before they fall asleep. Well a few weeks ago I hear Caden screaming at the top of his lungs. I run in to see what is going on, thinking he's finally jumped of the bunk bed and broke something. His response when I ask what happened,"Buzz flew in my eye and Lebi (Levi) did it." We have two Buzz light year dolls and it turns out they were shooting laser beams at each other when Levi decided he didn't want to play anymore he threw buzz. That's how Caden got a pretty shiner! POOR Caden.

Small and Simple Things

My little Brother, Dallin, is serving in the Montevideo West Mission in Uruguay. He and his companion just recently had their first baptism together. For those of you who know Dallin he is very self-motivating and when he makes up his mind to accomplish something he doesn't stop until it is finished. So he is having some ups and downs in the mission field when investigators stop coming to church and fall through on their promises. He was so excited in his letter home when this baptism happened and it lifted his spirits more than any words we had written him from home. I am so thankful for a little brother with sure great determination and love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are somethings he has written home via email:
Did I mention we had a baptism on Sunday. That´s right, we actually had a baptism. His name is Hugo. Elder Harmon did the baptizing, and I did the watching... I mean, I played my violin.Hugo and his new wife Silvana (She was a member already and they were living together, so we took them to the military hospital about a month ago to take out a marriage date for a civil marriage so Hugo could be baptized)... anyway, they wanted me to play the violin for the baptism because they had heard me before at Christmas time, and they chose Elder Harmon to perform the baptism... and yes, I was a legal witness to a marriage on Friday. Both of us were witnesses (testigos). It was the only way he could be baptized (to get them married) so, they got married on Friday and he was baptized on Sunday. It was a shame they didn´t let us throw rice though. It´s a tradition here to throw rice at the bride and groom. By the way, it´s all just paper work doing the civil marriage. I´m not kidding when I say, a major part of the ceremony was having the four witnesses come up one by one and sign three different documents, so I did it. I walked up on the platform and signed my name in three different places when they called me to come up. Afterwards, we went to their house and had some little sandwiches and pizza flavored bread (I still don´t consider it pizza without cheese), and soda (Fanta and Coca Cola). All the members serve Coke to the missionaries without shame. I am just used to it now. Anyway, that´s not the important thing. What´s important is that Hugo and Silvana can go through the Temple in a year and be sealed together and to their son for time and all eternity. That is what we should all want as members of the true church of Jesus Christ. We should all want to live with our complete families for the rest of eternity, and it is a major goal of Hugo and Silvana; that of being sealed in the temple in a year. If they do, I will be able to go with them to the temple (mission regulations). The very thought brings me the warmth of the spirit every time I think it. By the way, I played "The Spirit of God" at the baptism of Hugo, and some interlude after the ordinance, and the closing hymn "The Lord is my Light." I also played at a baptism in the other ward the night before for a 13 year old girl named Melani.
My two pairs of cheap shoes are already out of the race, and I am surviving off of the Doc. Martins. (thanks Ryan). (Ryan and I convinced him he would need a pair of Doc's! He didn't believe us at the time.)
I know this gospel is true. Sometimes I don´t say it enough, and as hard as it might be every day to go out and do what I do, I know that it was meant to be the way it is; hard, trying, depressing at times and glorious at others. I may not be the best missionary in the world when it comes to getting baptisms and motivating people to change their lives and keep commitments, but I know what is true. I know what to defend and where to stand as I do it; on the rock of our Redeemer who is Christ the Lord. That is where I´ll stand. That´s where I´ll fight. I wouldn´t do it if I didn´t know what it felt like to feel the Holy Ghost. I just wouldn´t do it. But I know what the Holy Ghost is, and I know of which truths it testifies. The Holy Ghost testifies of The reality of the Prophet Joseph Smith; who he was and what he had the faith to achieve. The Holy Ghost lends us a warm fire of peace and joy when we ponder and ask about the Book of Mormon. The Holy Ghost gives us an unmatchable feeling of love when we talk about the Atonement of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ when we speak of his account with reverence and courage. I know he lives and is waiting for all of us to open the door and let him into our homes and our lives. It is the only way.

This is Dallin's first day in Uruguay

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our first Day in Ephrata was pretty much spent outside. It seemed like everytime I turned around the boys were begging to get back in their snow clothes. Here's Levi helping Ryan shovel the walkway.

Caden layed right down to make a snow angel.


Levi just walked around with a shovel all morning.

This Defrost moment is brought to you by Grandma Joey's Kitchen. Where yummy pies, cookies and other treats are always being made.

Caden and Levi enjoyed helping Grandma Joey in the Kitchen.

Once they were done there the headed...you guessed it back to the SNOW. This time with Daddy and the 4-wheeler.

These dogs appeared out of no-where while we were riding. They were very friendly and followed the boys for a while and then they got borred and left.

Heading to Great Grandma Bair's House!

This Defrost moment is brought to you by HOT COCOA. It'll warm your insides while you still can't feel you nose, fingers, or toes.

I think they drank 4-5 cups of Hot Cocoa this day!

When the Cocoa ran out............................................
Dinner was eaten.......................................................
The sun went down...................................................

YEP...Back to it! They just couldn't get enough!

Look how deep that snow really is!
We told them to watch out for the yellow snow!

White Christmas!

This is what the we say Christmas Day. Isn't is beautiful. I didn't realize how much I missed the snow until we took this trip.

Christmas Eve

Uncle Eric came over Christmas Eve Day and took the boys on the "SNOW ROCKET"

Caden and Levi didn't want to get off when the ride was over

Uncle Lyle, Grandpa Bair, Uncle Ross and Uncle Jay conducting a beautiful Christmas Carol at the Bair party

The 4 of us or should I say 5???

Once again when the primary children were to sing Levi RAN up.

The Bair's version of the Nativity.

Caden in the back being a wise man...however don't tell him that he would yell,"I'm not a wise man I am SUPERMAN!"

Caden looking happy because people keep telling him he's a wise man.

Levi being an angel...that's the best they could come up with for a little boy wanting to be an angel.

Levi's toy! Love's it.

Caden very excited! JOHN DEERE


After the Bair Christmas Eve Party Ryan helped the boys sprinkle reindeer food in the front yard so Santa could find us.

The New PJ's

Christmas Day!

Levi was thrilled with his farmyard
Caden LOVES Optimus Prime and that is what Santa brought...both boys are still loving their gifts months later. THANKS SANTA!

Grandma Joey and Levi enjoying a good read Christmas morning.

Caden and his Optimus Prime ARM!

Levi enjoying cousin Tyler's T-pee

All the Bair Cousins, well all the ones in Washington that is

Caden, Jessica, Levi, Lindsay, Tyler, Alissa, Kaitlyn Bair Christmas Day 2008!