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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet Jada

So this the Caden's puppy, Jada! We got her for Caden's 3rd Birthday to help him relate to animals better. Jada was staying with my sister the last two weeks because one of our nephews keeps kicking her, so we were going to find her a new home since that nephew visits often. Well... my sister has a roommate and that roommate's boyfriend brought over his pregnant pitbull and a pitbull pup about the same age as Jada. Without too many details Jada was pretty much eaten alive. The vet couldn't do anything for her! We miss her and we know she now has a home where she wont be kicked or hit...I just hate thinking of her last few hours on earth.

We found out today that those pit's are still at that house. I can't believe someone would keep an animal alive that is so capable of such violence. I am tempted to call animal control... I just don't want another dog mutilated the way Jada was...or worse a child!

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Ellis Connection said...

No kidding! I'm sorry to hear about your dog. You really should report them! That is so dangerous for so many people.