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Saturday, October 4, 2008


So Roswell always has a Fair Day Parade to kick off the fair coming to town. All the schools are closed and almost half the town is closed down for the day. We met up with our cousins and friends from church for the parade.
Levi's favorite parade attraction (HIS THUMB)

This got Caden on his feet!

These race cars were the kid's favorite. Parents were allowed on, good thing because Levi was a inch too short for any rides. But they let him on with Ryan.
Levi kept saying," I ride bumble-bee." I couldn't figure out why until the next day the boys were pretending to be transformers and then I realized bumble-bee is a yellow transformer.
Caden loved that the planes had guns.

Courtney and Lindsey our cousins came with us.

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Angie said...

That looks like such a fun parade! We would love that, especially if Dawson got to ride Bumblebee too.

Hey, I've tried to email you, but it keeps coming back to me. My phone is also broken (see my blog posting for crappy details) and I want to catch up. Can you call me sometime? Miss you lots.