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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas in February!

So due to the 1st Trimester aches and pains I didn't blog AT ALL during the Holidays. I apologize. So here they are without further suspense...out Christmas adventures. We were able to see many family and friends and we traveled a good portion of the Northwest. The boys did AWESOME in the car the whole 48 hours. I will brag we only had a melt down the very last day of travel and that was because Caden had finally had enough and wanted HIS BED. Here are some pictures a few days before we left at our ward Christmas Party. Although Levi is still in the nursery he jumped right up when it was time to sing. Caden, of course, was heard above all the others. We have some very musical boys and we love them.

The highlight of the party was Santa and we are finally out of the "cry at the sight of him" stage, both boys jumped right up when it was their turn.

Maybe next month you'll finally get HALLOWEEN in March! Ha...I just realized I never posted those photos either. SORRY, AGAIN!

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