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Monday, February 16, 2009


We got to see so many FRIENDLY FACES as we headed home. First stop was Key Center, Washington were I, Sariah, lived until I was 12. There we stopped at pretty much my second home...Melissa and I have known each other since 3rd grade. Yes...she is still my friend, I KNOW. She must know something I don't. I love her lots. Above is her son, Noah and below is her hubby Aaron.

Here we are! My tongue just slips out in just about every picture we take together.
I love to make her laugh and that's one way to do it.

Next stop...Beaverton, Oregon...Where Carrie and David Dias live. This is the best picture we got of their son Gabe. He just moves, moves, moves.

Carrie and I...I love her too! We met at Career Beauty College in Rexburg, Idaho. She's my best beauty school bud. We had a lot of fun together.

Next was Salem, Oregon...Were Rachel Ellis and her 3 Kiddos live. We haven't seen them since we left Rexburg, Idaho...Winter of 2005. Calli is just a month or so older than Caden so Rachel and I talked ALOT while we lived next door to each other. Here's Ryan helping Calli film some of the action taking place.

Here is some of the action. Caden and Calli were trying their luck as the Incredible Hulk and Levi and Abby were just smiling because the cameras were there.

Here's Rachel and her little man, Moroni.

Who can forget Aunt Amy, Rachel's sister. We got to know her when she came out to Rexburg for some summer weeks. We enjoyed her and it was great to see her again too. Caden kept (in his words) "Kung Fu Fighting"

We enjoyed every second we had with our dear friends. It was short, but very SWEET!

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