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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Month of May in a Nutshell

Well we started May off the same way many of you did by celebrating Mother's Day! My boys were especially good to me this year. I had a homemade CROWN for my royal day. I got my kitchen aid, YEAH!!! And best of all I GOT TO SLEEP IN!!!
They wouldn't put the stuff down for pictures...I think it adds a little character, don't you???
A few days later Caden graduated from Kindergarten. What a bitter sweet day for me. He's growing up so fast and yet I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming!
The boys found our Halloween bucket out in the shop and the next thing I know we have our own version of the village people in our living room. They sure make me smile.
So one evening in May we happened to be working on our yard when I looked up to see one of many creations our Heavenly Father allows up to enjoy. Just as the sun was setting these clouds rolled in from no where. Levi and I climbed on the roof to get a better view and stayed up there till the sun had set that night.

Panoramic View! Breathtaking!!!

Memorial Day we decided to work on our backyard some more. We were about to pack up our tools and head to my parent's home to swim when we heard Caden's voice, " Uh guys...I'm bleeding here!" No panic in his voice just a sweet uh I need some help voice. It was more than a little cut.

I think he'll think twice next time he wants to use his daddy's 3lb sledge hammer and re-bar, don't you???

Ready to head HOME!!! HAPPY GUY!!!


No worries, what ever caused the freakish blood spill had stopped before the Dr. looked at it again!

Healing just fine and posing with the re-bar that did all the damage!
May 28th My Great Uncle Francis William Green passed away. I honestly don't remember if I ever met him since my Grandpa Green passed away when I was 5 there wasn't a lot of communication with the Green side of the family. However my dad found out and called me up to drive to Albuquerque with him and my mom. It was so great to get to meet family I didn't know existed. I had a wonderful afternoon meeting my dad's two cousins, Sharmon and Rhonda, along with Rhonda's 4 sons (left to right) Allen, Austin, Rich, and Greg.
My mom and dad with the extended family! I sure wish I had met my uncle Francis. I believe some day I will. But for now I will only know him through the memories that his children and grandchildren were kind enough to share with me on that beautiful day in Albuquerque. I'm also thankful for a few memories they shared with me of my own grandfather, whom I only remember from family videos and pictures. Families truly are FOREVER!!!

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