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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 3-A picture of you and your friends

First off let me just say I consider myself "FRIENDS" with many people! However, I have 4 women in my life who have proven themselves over and over to be there for me and love me no matter what my faults.

I met Melissa Louise Sauter/Smeltzer on the 1st day of school in 3rd grade. Why she wanted to be my friend was beyond me...maybe it was because we were the only 2 girls in our class??? Anyway we became friends regardless of my attitude among other faults. Some of the stories she has about me...oh that's another blog. Anyhow, I LOVE HER! She has been a GREAT friend for the past 20 years...dang that's a long time...here is to 20 more with her as my friend.

A few months after turning 12 my family moved from Key Center, WA to ROSWELL, NM. What were my parents thinking??? Again that is another blog!!! I was terrified! I had lived in the same home my entire 12 years of existence. I didn't think I would find friends as good as I had had in Washington. Well the Lord knows BEST. On my first day of school in Roswell I met Amanda Michelle Hogge/Rubio. Not only did we share the same middle name but we also shared a love for sports. We played on many teams together throughout the years. Up until High School when I chose soccer and she chose volleyball :( We live close so she is the friend I see the most often now a days. I don't think she will ever understand the amount of love I have for her. She made the hardest thing in my life (at the time of age 12) bearable. Her mom and her are a second family to me.

I met Carrie Lynette Harbour/Dias on my first day of Cosmetology School in Rexburg, Idaho. Are you seeing a trend here? School sure has given me a lot of great friends! Carrie was from Oregon, and just made school fun. She always had something funny to share. We would joke around a lot and hang out here and there. It wasn't until after school was done that I realize how much Carrie's friendship had meant to me. So my dear Carrie...I LOVE YOU for making beauty school bearable with your GREAT sense of Humor!!! I miss you! (left to right Sariah, Carrie, Melissa)

When Ryan and I decided to make the big move down to New Mexico from Spokane, WA< I have to admit I was a bit nervous. A few months passed without anything grand...and then I met Emily Reva Winkel/Sessions! Her cute family have moved from Oregon and bought a home in our ward. We were called to be the Girl's Camp Director/ Assistant Director together. We became close over that week of camp and realized how much we had in common with one another. A few months after camp we both realized we were expecting...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...heavenly father sure has a sense of humor, right? So in the picture below is at our Twilight Party...yes I went...were Em and I are pregnant together!
( Emily is to my left in the picture below, wearing the grey sweater)
I love you Em...even though you up and left me for Arizona! :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these women and their cute families! They are a soft place to fall when the road of life becomes rocky!

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