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Friday, April 17, 2009

Belly pictures... demanded by Ang and Emily

This one was taken Valentine's Day. I was about 19 weeks along

This was only 5 weeks later...and it's not just the belly getting bigger!

The 3rd trimester is starting to slow me down. My energy is used up quickly and if Caden and Levi allow I try to nap every chance I get. I keep waking up a 4 am for no reason and full of energy (go figure), my pelvic bone feels like it's breaking into pieces and the baby thinks my bladder is a hackie-sac...other than that I am well! We will more than likely be induced at 38 weeks due to the fact that these BAIR BOYS seem to grow at a faster rate than most babies. I am already measuring bigger. We will do another ultrasound in a few more weeks to get a more accurate measurement. I haven't become so miserable that I am ready for the pregnancy to be done...YET!


Kim said...

You look so cute!! I bet it's crazy to almost have the 3rd one here!

Carrie said...

I'm glad to hear you're holding strong!!! Great pictures too. Love the bangs! I cut some myself...check out my blog. :) Did you say if you guys have a name picked out yet or not??

Lexa said...

Oh I didn't even know you were expecting! Congrats! I love the hair too ;)