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Monday, April 20, 2009

Doctor/Dentist Visits

We've done a lot of Dr. visits this month. Our 1st stop was to our Pediatrician. Caden had his 5 year check up and Levi had is 30 month check up.

Next up was the Dentist. Caden's been here before but Levi was a little nervous. He let big brother show his how everything was done first.

Found TWO wiggly teeth!

Levi did great after watching Caden first.

He was very shy through the whole thing

and didn't like the fluoride treatment.

Caden has two cavities that need to be filled...we knew this was coming since a year ago. However we did slow them down with very diligent brushing, flossing and fluoride rinse. I was shocked we made it a whole year. His bottom front teeth are both wiggly. In the x-ray the left sides root was still very long and there is a chance that one will have to be pulled if the adult tooth grows quickly.
Levi has NO cavities but we did find he has tongue trust. That along with sucking his thumb is causing a pretty good overbite...we will see how that turns out. He's still a little young to try to correct the tongue thrust.

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